Che Original Rolling Tobacco哲古華拉原味手捲煙絲

Che Original Rolling Tobacco哲古華拉原味手捲煙絲

Despite being a very popular brand of tobacco the Che is no longer available in the UK. Fortunately for the lovers of Che we have been reliably informed that the Maya Shag Tobacco is exactly the same tobacco made in the same factory just in a less cool pouch.

  • 25g Sealed Pouch
  • Shag Smoking Tobacco
  • Quality Virginia Tobacco
  • Mild-Medium

The Che Smoking tobacco is a premium quality smoking tobacco without the usual heavy price tag!

The Che is a Mild to Medium strength smoking tobacco blended from superior Virginia tobacco’s using traditional artisan production methods for a pure, smooth flavour. You will find little evidence of stalk or birdseye in the tobacco, which larger manufacturers leave in to bulk out the tobacco and increase their profits.

Shag Tobacco:
Due to some hand rolling smokers using shag tobacco for hand rolling purposes, HMRC have taken action to stop this abuse of the tobacco taxation. HMRC have defined that any tobacco where the strands are less than 1.5mm will be taxed as a Hand Rolling tobacco. All shag tobacco produced as of January 2011 will be cut above 1.5mm. This is a pipe tobacco and is taxed accordingly. It is a criminal offence to use shag tobacco for hand rolling and we do not endorse this.

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